Company Profile

History of VABI

The origins of VABI go back to the 1950s. It was on September 30, 1950 that Rene van Alen and his wife Betsy van Alen – Samuels took the initiative to start a concrete products company. After having developed this as a sole proprietorship for several years, it was decided to convert the sole proprietorship into a public limited company.

N.V. van Alen’s concrete industry, VABI, was formally established on October 3, 1963, and started manufacturing various concrete products such as building blocks, sewer pipes and curb belts with about 10 people. The production capacity was increased step by step through the purchase of second-hand equipment. Block making machinery, tubes press machines as well as mixers were introduced, increasing both the quantity and quality noticeably! After the difficult periods in the 1980s, when cement imports were curtailed, significant progress was made in the 1990s. In 2000, the quality control laboratory was set up, with which the always good quality could now be checked in-house. In addition, the in-house concrete technology knowledge has increased considerably by means of additional training. Since 2004, the modernization of the production machines has been initiated with the purchase of a new block pressing machine, including a fully computer-controlled weighing, dosing and mixing installation. This has increased the accuracy of weighing the various recipes significantly, which has also improved the quality of the various products. In 2007 and 2015, new concrete product machines were installed again, with which the Surinamese market can be optimally served. Today, the range has expanded to more than 400 different concrete products produced by the 300 employees working at VABI. The production now takes place with modern and computer-controlled equipment, so that in combination with the daily quality checks of the laboratory, it can be said with confidence: “Meer dan steen alleen!” which translates to More than just blocks!

About N.V. van Alen’s Concrete industry

N.V. van Alen’s concrete industry, VABI, is an industrial company that goes the extra mile to give meaning to the concept of quality in the broadest sense of the word. VABI has specialized in manufacturing concrete products of the highest quality during its 70 years of existence. At VABI you are at the right place for all your concrete products such as: building blocks, paving stones & tiles, sewer pipes, foundation piles, V-gutters, curb stones, flower pots, etc. If our standard range of approximately 400 products does not meet your needs, we can manufacture specialist concrete products on request. Our aim is to provide you as a customer with the concrete products you need. We also provide you with rebar, cement, gravel and sand, as well as ceramic tiles, tile adhesives and various other building products. Together with you we will always look for the fulfillment of your needs in the field of building materials. VABI is a family business that is particularly committed to the well-being of its 300 employees. The healthy and pleasant working atmosphere enables us to provide you with the best possible service. VABI guarantees service, quantity and, above all, the quality of the products and services it produces.

Mission, Vision and goals

Mission: “Providing the Surinamese construction sector with concrete products and building materials at the best possible price- quality ratio”
Vision: “NV VABI is the leading concrete products and building materials company in Suriname”


  1. The production of concrete products, whether or not reinforced, at the best possible price- quality ratio;
  2. Providing the Surinamese construction sector with cement, sand, gravel and rebar, steel products, as well as tiles, tile adhesives and various other building materials;
  3. Design & manufacturing of ‘custom’ pre-fab concrete elements.