Articlecode Article Price
77300 Cementboard 6mm SRD 1.108,27
77301 Cementboard 8mm SRD 1.406,65
77302 Cementboard 11mm SRD 1.737,00
77303 Cementboard 14mm SRD 2.359,34
77304 Cementboard 17mm SRD 2.892,16


Cement board (fiber cement board) is a combination of cement and reinforcing fibers that can be used for facades, walls, interior and exterior ceilings. These flat and easy to install cementitious materials are ideally suited for outdoor applications or indoor areas with constant, high humidity. With these moisture-resistant plates you have the solution for every humid environment. The surface is smooth and has a cement gray color.


  • harmless to the environment
  • insect, mold and weather resistant
  • no-combustible
  • excellent mechanical and physical properties
  • low absorption

available in 1.22m x 2.44m sheets with thicknesses of  6,8,11,14,17 mm

Documentation: Cementboard documentatie