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Foby Unigrout 5 kg


Code Variant Price
27091 Foby unigrout 5 kg White SRD 133,44
27092 Foby unigrout 5 kg Silver gray SRD 133,44
27093 Foby unigrout 5 kg Cement gray SRD 133,44
27095 Foby unigrout 5 kg Brown SRD 133,44
27096 Foby unigrout 5 kg Anthracite SRD 133,44
27097 Foby unigrout 5 kg WD Bahama SRD 133,44

Product Description

FOBY® Unigrout WD is a premixed cement-based joint mortar for adding ceramic wall and floor tiles that accelerate rapidly. By adding plastics, the product is waterproof and permanently flexible.
Download the datasheet: Foby univoeg